Vibratory sieve is over resonant sieve with circular vibrations. The sieve is used for sieving crushed material. The material is classified into three fractions.

The main part of the sieve is swing which rests on four springs. Rolling bearings shaft is placed in swing central axis, which has a flywheel with special masses at its ends. It is possible to adjust the amplitude of the oscillation sieve by adding or subtracting unit mass of the flywheels .

Sieve drive is accomplished by using electric and belt pulley transfer.

Technical Specification

Floor area (m2) 2,4
Number of floors 2
Electrengine power (kWh) 4
Max. sieve lenght (mm) 2590
Max. sieve width (mm) 1500
Max. sieve height (without stand) (mm) 1570
Sieve Mass (kg) 1600