Hydraulic press is intended for assembling/disassembling of various machine elements with firm leaning (bearings, slewing bearings, reins, etc.) in service workshops and in production plants. It is also used for deep sheet metal pulling, shaft straightening, etc. Thanks to worktable position change according to height and large movement of piston, processing is enabled by profile positions deformation.

Hydraulic cylinder piston is positioned precisely by means of a manual distributor. It is possible to place different tools on the connecting rod by twisting into the cylinder connecting rod.

There are four leaning boards on the worktable that work elements lean on. On client’s request, we manufacture presses with bigger and smaller pressing powers.

Technical Specification

Type HP-32
Pressing force 320 kN
Piston movement 400 mm
Pressing time 120 s
Piston retraction time 90 s
Maximal working pressure 160 bar
Pump flow 4 dm3/min
Electroengine 1,1 KW 380 V 50 HZ 1450 rpm
Working fluid HD – 46
Working temperature – 10 do + 70 °C
Reservoire volume 15 dm3
Dimensions 350x760x1830 mm
Weight 450 kg