The husker is intender for husking of corn on cob. Corn on a cob is inserted into an intake hopper where a scraper roller husks it. Eccentric sifter that oscillates horizontally separates the grain from a cob. Depending on corncob size, distance adjustment between the scraper roller and lattice is done through two adjustment screws and two springs. On exhaust, where husked corn grain exits, an inclined screw transporter with two exhaust pipes for sacking can be mounted.

The husker stands on two wheels on one side so it can be easily moved depending on a husking place.

Tehnical specification

Type K-01
Capacity (kg/h) 2000
Electromotor power (kW) 2,2
Weight (kg) 173
Dimensions (HxWxL) mm 1500 x 1400 x800