Metal silos are intended for storage of powdery and granular materials.

Silo is filled by means of a bucket elevator or a screw transporter or pneumatically. Several silos placed in line or gathered in one place can be filled by means of a multipart distributor, which is located above the silos, out of which mass is inserted into silos in free fall through gravitational pipes. Silos can be filled by means of a horizontal trough screw conveyor with exits for each silo. Filling of that conveyor, which is located on top of a silo, can be done by a bucket elevator or a vertical screw conveyor.

With pneumatic filling of silos, it is required to fit a dust collector above the silo, so that dust that rises during filling can be collected and again returned to a silo after shaking of inner filter bags.

Tehnical Specification

Sheet metal thickness (mm) from 3 – 5
Volume (m3) to 100
Diameter (m) to 3,2
Height (m) to 14 m


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