Conveyor belt is intended first of all for transport of sacks, boxes, small packages and bales, but it can also be adapted for transport of disposed material. The conveyor comes with an underdrive (on a trolley), mechanism for incline adjustment, and an infinite rubber band can transport both ways (loading and unloading).

It is most often used in warehouses for final products storage, loading sacks on a truck and unloading from a truck into a warehouse.

It is easy to use, it reduces engagement of large number of workers and it manifoldly increases the storing process of sacked goods from a production line. The conveyor is mobile, so it can adapt to a vehicle placed for loading/unloading, as well as to a storage space.

Depending on their purpose, conveyors can be designed in various dimensions (wider or longer).

Tehnical specification

Type TT01
Reductor engine power (kW) 1,5
Lenght (m) 6
Width trake(m) 0,5
Maximal lifting height (m) 2,5