Mobile packer is intended for packing, i.e. sacking of disposed material (corn, wheat and other fodder components) from a truck, silo or floor warehouse.

Inclined screw transporter with an intake hopper is placed on a mobile platform where there is a measuring scale on it (warehouse or electronic), which is connected to the screw transporter electromotor with an inductive probe. The screw transporter is started through foot or hand switch and the sacking process begins.

Screw transporter stops operating through the probe on a set weight and the sacking process ends.

Mobile packer is most often placed under a truck on exhaust slide openings (pipes) or on silo openings.

Tehnical Specification

Type SU-1
Engine power (kW) 0,55
Screw conveyor pipe diameter  (mm) 90 – 130
Lenght of conveyor (m) 2