Dosing flow scale is designed for controlled dispensing of large granular and powdered materials, as well as to measure the current and total flow of materials. It can be used in the milling industry, for extruding, filters and other devices requiring regulated flow of material as well as recording current and total flow.

The device consists of two independent scales that have electro-pneumatic valves for releasing the material and the flap at the entrance of the charging scale. Scales are alternately charged and discharged. Parameters set by the panel can adjust the weight of material which is filling each scale. If the device is used to control the flow of material parameters, this quantity can be adjusted. By selecting and starting the automatic PLC controls the opening of the entrance flap to replenish the scale, time scale closures controlled by discharge and to maintain a given flow.  The panel can show the current weight in the scales, given the flow and cumulative flow that can be reset.

If the device is used only for measuring the flow of material, selection of modes in the panel, scales are filled to the given weight and empty alternately, and the panel shows the current flow and the total weight that has passed through the device.

Dosing flow balance has inputs and outputs through which can be connected to any existing lines where necessary to regulate or measure the flow of materials, so that starting and stopping is automatic, and each delay the signal and blocking further operation of the flow of materials.

Patches for the position of valves and closures as well as the scales measuring cell is controlled by the overall operation and provides high reliability devices. Setting parameters via the panel offers great opportunities and widely used.

Flow dosing scales can also be connected to a remote PC as a monitor on which the remote all the parameters can be adjusted, it is possible to view and manage the work of: start, stop, reset fault and the like.

Tehnical Specification

Capacity m3/h 30
Scale volume l 2×60
Cycle h 450
Air consumption l/ciklus 2
Power kW 0.1
Weight kg 280
Dimension mm 1700x810x800

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