Vertical mixer SM-01 is intended for production of all kinds of compound foods for cattle feeding. It is mostly used for fodder production on individual agricultural households and small farms. Farmers that produce corn, barley and other grains on their fields can make animal food with use of ready premixes. Vertical mixers are easy to use and can be installed in a compact work space. With a small investment in equipment and with use of own components, certain savings can be made in fodder production.

Fodder input components are weighed manually, and then directly if not grinded, or through a groat mill if grinded, they are inserted in a mixer. The inserted mass is lifted through a spiral in a cylindrical pipe and returns to the mixer bottom in free fall. Mixing time is 8 to 10 minutes from a moment all components are inserted. Mixer emptying is done through a gravitational pipe that exits from a mixer and where there is a manual flap on it.

Tehnical specification

Scale (kg) 300
Mixer engine power (kW) 1,1
Mill engine power (kW) 4
Weight (kg) 200
Capacity 300