Hammer mill MO-2 is intended for grinding of grain (corn, wheat, barley) and other components that are used in fodder production (crushed soybean and sunflower seeds, palletized alfalfa flour). The mill can be used in households as a separate machine or as a component of a fodder production line.

Operation principle is the following:

Grains and other components are inserted in an intake hopper of a groats mill, where by gradual valve opening they are taken to mixer housing. Free rotating blades spinning fast cut grain and squeeze the obtained mass out on an exit funnel into a sack or directly into a screw transporter or a mixer. Groats mill rotor (blades carrier) is directly connected to an electromotor axle.

It is made in various dimensions, from 2.2 kW to 37 kW.

Tehnical Specification

Type M-02 2,2/2800 3/2800 4/2800 5,5/2800 7,5/2800 11/2800 15/2800
Weight (kg) 85 91 105 123 135 170 195
Capacity (kg/h) 300 350 500 800 1200 2000 2500