Groats mill for clover grinding is intended for grinding of baled and dry clover, where alfalfa flour is obtained from that can be used as a component in fodder production. Mill can be used for grinding of straw and large amounts of corn on cob. Chopped straw is most often used as a base in mushroom production.

Baled clover is inserted in small slices through an intake hopper into the mill housing where two blades fastened to electromotor axle are located. With different perforations of a sifter, which is places on the housing exhaust, required granulation, i.e. grinded mass fineness can be achieved.

Tehnical Specification

Type M-03-L
Capacity (kg/h) 300
Electromotora power (kW) 11
Weight (kg) 160
Knife – lenght (mm) 550
Housing – diameter (mm) 650