Powdery material production line is intended for production and packing of ceramic glue, industrial plasters, bavalit, joint compounds and other powdery construction materials.

Basic line consists of an inclined dosage screw transporter with an intake hopper, a horizontal counter-current mixer, discharge screw transporter and electronic packer for multi-wall sacks.

Most often for mixing and packing of food and chemical aggressive powdery materials a line made of powdery steel is used.

Line with Automatic Input Feeding

Through a feed scale which has the possibility of storing several recipes, automatically from a silo or jumbo bags, a snail conveyor is made exclusion of components (cement, quartz sand, stone ground) and is fed into the mixer. Closing the inlet and outlet valves on the scale batch and stirring is pneumatic.

Preko šaržne vage koja ima mogućnost memorisanja više receptura, automatski iz silosa ili djambo vreća, pužnim transporterima vrši se izuzimanje komponenti (cement, kvarcni pesak, mleveni kamen) i ubacuje se u mešalicu. Zatvaranje ulaznih i izlaznih klapni na šaržnoj vagi i mešalici je pneumatsko.