The whole grain flour production line is intended for grains grinding, sifting and packing of whole grain flour.

The line consists of an intake hopper, inclined dosage screw transporter, natural stone mill, inclined discharge screw transporter and a rotational sifter with sacking system.

The line most often operates with the mill with stone diameter of 800 mm and 1,000 mm.

Grains are inserted into an intake hopper where the mill hopper is filled through an inclined screw transporter.

Grinded mass is inserted into a rotational sifter which makes two fractions. One fraction, the sifted flour, falls into a box located under the sifter. Second fraction, the unsifted mass, is separated aside into a separate sack and it can be used for animal feeding. A sack is filled from the box through an inclined screw transporter which is connected with an electronic scale. The electronic scale stops the screw transporter operation on a set weight of required packing, what ends the packing process.