Horizontal mixers are most often components of a line that consists of a hopper scale for dosage of input components, a groats mill, a horizontal mixer with a pre-hopper, packing machine with mechanical or electronic scale and a control cabinet.

Automated animal feed factories

In most fodder factories automatic dosage of several components is done through dosage screw transporters and an electronic hopper scale located above a mixer. Weighed components are almost instantly transferred from a hopper scale through an electro-pneumatic cap into a mixer. Automatic electronic device for dosage has an option for closing and memorizing several different prescriptions. Mixture and transportation time can be entered through a panel. Sacking is done from a reception silo through an electronic packing machine.

The whole production process can be controlled and handled from a panel in a control cabinet or through a remote PC. All completed lots, as well as input or change of prescriptions, can be archived in a computer. It is possible to control the whole production process from a remote computer.