Screw transporter is intended for transport of granular (corn, wheat, barley) and powdery materials. It is most often used for filling and emptying of silo cells, and loading and unloading of transport vehicle.

The transporter is placed on a carrier construction (underdrive) where there is a mechanism for output height adjustment, i.e. lifting and lowering of the transporter. Depending on storage type, it can be used with or without an intake hopper which can be assembled/disassembled. When loading from a floor warehouse, the intake part without a hopper enters the mass, and when unloading a truck the intake part with a hopper is set under the floor where exhaust pipes or slide openings are located. Depending on required capacity, they can be manufactured with bigger pipe diameter (fi 180, 200 and 250 mm).

It is easy and safe to use, it easily moves and adapts to loading/unloading place and it is transported easily to another work site.

Tehnical specification

Type – PT01 6 8 9
Engine power kW) 2,2 3 4
Pipe diameter (mm) 160 160 160
Maximal lifting height (m) 3,5 4,5 5
Capacity (t/h) 10 – 12 10 – 12 10 – 12