Conveyor chain TL-01 is a universal conveyor intended for transport of corncob and hay bales. Infinite chain, to which metal shovels are fitted, moves the engine-low-range gear by means of a chainwheel. During transportation of hay bales, conveyor’s sides are lowered to horizontal position in order to gain wider working platform. There is an option to adjust height in both directions.

The conveyer is easily transported on another location towing it by a tractor or another adequate vehicle.

It is easy to use, it reduces engagement of large number of workers, makes the work easier and it is almost irreplaceable during storage of large number of corncobs and hey bales. Depending on height where corncob or hay bale is ejected, longer and shorter conveyers can be manufactured.

Tehnical specification

Type TL-01
Reductor engine power
Width (m) 0,45
Lenght (m) 8
Maximal lifting height (m) 4,5


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