Natural stone mill is intended for grinding of grains, i.e. production of whole grain flour. During grinding, thanks to lower spinning speed of a stone, grinded mass is not heated too much, so the flour retains the original natural features.

The mill consists of two stones; one if fixed to the mill base, and the other, a rotating one, is placed on an axle with a stone lifting/lowering mechanism. By lifting and lowering the stone, grinding granulation is regulated, and with it also capacity of the mill. Fineness of the grinded material is also regulated with flow speed of grains grinded.

Technical Specification

Type M-01 600 M-01 700 M-01 800 M-01 900-950
Engine power (kW) 2,2 3 4 7,5
Engine rotational speed (kW) 1400 1400 1400 1400
Capacity (kg/h) 50-100 70-130 80-150 100-200
Weight (kg) 380 450 560 720